God, Evolution and Animal Suffering – Theodicy without a Fall

Bethany Sollereder

If God created through evolution, it means that death, suffering, and all the competition of evolutionary development were part of God’s good creation rather than a result of the Fall. Evolution raises new questions about the meaning of innocent animal suffering and the nature of God. In this talk, Bethany Sollereder embarks on an adventure in the theology of creation, reflecting on what science has uncovered about the history of life and what it means for belief in a living and loving God.

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From the Regent College Podcast (Episode #72):  Strap your boots and get ready for a mind-bending theological experience with Bethany Sollereder. On this Regent College Podcast episode, she argues that the fall did not affect creation directly but only humans. Are you intrigued enough already?


Photo of Bethany Sollereder
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