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Regent College is an international graduate school of theology located on the UBC campus in Vancouver, BC. With concentrations in biblical studies, doctrinal theology, arts, church history, interdisciplinary studies, and more, Regent offers several integrative programs and flexible learning options for people seeking to deepen their Christian faith alongside rigorous academic study.

With a central focus on equipping the laity to integrate faith and theology with all of life, Regent offers a wide range of courses. Students can expect to study science, literature, history, anthropology, creation care, the marketplace, and more, all taught by world-class scholars through a theological lens. In all this, Regent cultivates an intelligent, vigorous, and joyful commitment to Jesus Christ, His church, and His world.

Karen Wiebe, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology

"At Regent, I gained a new appreciation for the philosophical and theological underpinnings of science. Science works best to describe how nature works mechanistically, but theology contributes ultimate meaning and purpose to what scientists do. I feel more encouragement in my work, knowing that science is also a form of worship and a way to equip ourselves for a Christian calling as caretakers of this earth."

Mayo Adigun

Mayo Adigun, Ph.D.

Researcher in Chemical Engineering

"I came to Regent in order to think more clearly about my calling, and perceive how my Christian faith could help me delight in studying, understanding, and engineering God’s good world. I have found joy and a more tangible sense of wonder in my work especially as I derive explanations for the latest round of data and explain those possibilities to fellow scientists. I get the wonderful sense of peeking over the creator’s shoulder. Also, as a result of the community I engaged with at Regent, I am assured that others also share this joy and wonder."

"At Regent College we equip Christians to engage fearlessly with frontline science as they develop a robust theology and spiritual life. Scientists have been given an even greater public profile and authority during the recent pandemic. Now more than ever we must support people of faith in the scientific community while educating people in all sectors to reason critically about what it means to ‘follow the science.’" – Dr. David Robinson, Regent Faculty Member

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