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Niels Henrik Gregersen photo

Living in a World of Shocks and Resilience: Towards a Theology of Disasters

Niels Henrik Gregersen | In this lecture, Professor Gregersen argues that theology and science need to address both deep-seated human experiences of resonance with our world as well as the discrepancies that we experience as shocks.
Niels Henrik Gregersen photo

An Ecotheology of Wondering, Intervening, and Enmeshment: Deep Incarnation and the Three Ecologies

Niels Henrik Gregersen | Ecotheology has been criticized for promoting an indiscriminate ethic based on a selective use of the sciences. In order to reorient the discourse, Professor Gregersen presents a typology of three ecologies.
Niels Henrik Gregersen photo

Christ in a World of Creativity and Suffering: Deep Incarnation and the Evolution of Biological Agency

Niels Henrik Gregersen | In this lecture, Niels presents his influential notion of “deep incarnation,” which draws on the broad-scale material meaning of the biblical concept of “flesh” as well as early patristic Christologies.
Niels Henrik Gregersen photo

Finding Resonance With Our World:
An Interview With Niels Henrik Gregersen

In this interview, Dr. David Robinson and Niels Henrik Gregersen discuss how scientific engagement enriches ministry, and consider the ways in which evolutionary biology, ecology, and natural disasters intersect with theology.
Paul Nedelisky

Learning to See the Moral Realm:
An Interview with Paul Nedelisky, Part Two

In Science and the Good: The Tragic Quest for the Foundations of Morality (Yale University Press, 2018), co-authors James Davison Hunter and Paul Nedelisky narrate the origins and development of the centuries-long attempt to discover a scientific foundation for right and wrong. The following is the second part of an interview with Paul Nedelisky, who […]
Paul Nedelisky

The Amorality of the New Moral Science:
An Interview with Paul Nedelisky, Part One

Paul Nedelisky | Our interview with Paul Nedelisky, Assistant Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia, about new moral science as part of a centuries-long attempt to discover a scientific foundation for right and wrong.
Regent College

Attitudes Towards Science – Survey Report 2021

During the Fall Term 2021, the Regent Interface team carried out a campus-wide survey of attitudes towards science, answered by 97 members of the Regent College community. The results are now made available to raise awareness of trends among the community and to encourage further conversations on the issues assessed.
Alan Chettle

Science and Faith in Campus Ministry

Alan Chettle | Our interview with Alan Chettle, a Campus Minister with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship of Canada at the University of Alberta. Alan has a background in Engineering and undertook doctoral studies in Aerospace Engineering.
Sheila Wise Rowe photo

Healing Racial Trauma

Sheila Wise Rowe | Trauma can take on many different forms; one overlooked form is racial trauma.
Morgan Wills photo

Whole Person Healthcare

Morgan Wills | Modern health care in the West has provided healing and hope for many, but it also has had its challenges. Often the uninsured, the immigrant, and the refuge have difficulty in western medicine.
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