Human Flourishing in a Technological World: A Christian Perspective

2021 Winter Lecture Series

For three years (2018–2020), the Human Flourishing project scholars have wrestled with urgent questions about how to flourishing in a technological age. This is an international and interdisciplinary project led by Dr. Jens Zimmermann, J.I. Packer Professor of Theology at Regent College. The project brings together contributions from scholars in areas as diverse as patristics, philosophy, psychiatry, and education, among others.

During the Winter Term 2021 (January-April) these scholars are delivering their research in a series of 10 public online lectures. We at Regent Interface fully support this project and the vision that animates it and we strongly recommend these series of lectures. Check the series’ website for the full list of lectures and topics and join them as they wrestle with questions such as “what does it mean to flourish in today’s technological world?”; “where are we going?”; and “what does it mean to be a human”?

The lectures are free but previous registration is required for live participation through zoom.

More info about the overall project can be found at

Jens Zimmerman
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